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Business essays

When writing any business essays, to score the best marks you have to follow some very simple rules.

First of all you should analyze the question. Have a close look at the wording of the question, identifying its key parts and what you are being asked to do. Most of the time this will be made clear by words such as 'discuss' or 'explain' or other key words or terms. If you can set your own question or topic for your essay on business, make sure you select something that will maintain your interest when writing your paper.

When you have an understanding of what you are being asked and which way you want to answer the question, set a basic structure for your essay including an introduction, main points to make and conclusion.

It may help to come back to this plan once or twice when writing to make sure you aren't going off topic.

Now you can begin to research the points that you want to make in your answer. All good business essays authors will in their work include thoroughly researched and clearly referenced information and/or data to support the points that they are trying to make. You should not base your answer to a question on the views or ideas of someone else but simply use their views to help support and give weight to your own. When using data and sources, such as quotations,in your essays about business, make sure that they are clearly referenced. It is best to check with your tutor for advice on which referencing method to use.

When writing a business paper you should set the structure your essay will follow and state the objective of your work in your introduction. It may also help to provide some basic background information on the topic at the start to give your essay some foundations.

You may then move on to write up your main work. Cover each of the points you want to make in your business essay providing research and data to support each point. While you should provide evidence to support your claims you should not base your ideas on the work of someone else. Be sure that you examine the views of each source and that they are consistent with the point that you are trying to put forward. You should while analysis the information that you have found during your research show independent understanding of the issue by conveying your own opinions on the subject. Make sure that the sequence of your ideas flows seamlessly from one point into the next.

You should in your conclusion, for any business assignment, concisely bring together all the points that you have detailed and reasoned in the main body f your essay. Be very careful that you do not raise any new points when writing your conclusion.

It is also important that you leave yourself some time to proofread your work for spelling and grammar mistakes and make sure that you have displayed an understanding of the question, presented your ideas in a logical order before handing it in to be marked.

With our sample business essays, you receive all the pointers you need for an excellent essay.