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Custom Essay

There are a number of sites online where you can purchase a custom essay, but many students would be reluctant to do so for fear of being caught for plagiarizing someone else's work. While it's true that you can get in a great deal of trouble for plagiarism, if you use our custom essays in the right way then you will have nothing to worry about.

If you copy a whole essay, or large chunks of it, or just reword a piece written by someone else, then this will definitely class as plagiarism. However, this is not why our custom essay writing service exists.You can access an essay online and use it to help you with your own work, as long as you go about it the right way. Ensure that you choose your title before you start to look for papers, otherwise you may too easily fall into the trap of near enough copying an essay word for word, or simply rewriting it. That's not to say that if you want to use any quotations directly from the essay, or paraphrase the arguments of another writer you can't; you just have to make sure you properly reference everything, using the referencing system approved by your college.

The best use of an online college paper, however, is to use it to help you generate and develop your own ideas. Then you can use sources by well-known and acclaimed theorists and critics for use as direct, referenced evidence. Anything you read but don't use other than as inspiration can be included in a bibliography, separate from your reference list. This bibliography will give you an excellent opportunity to show evidence of wider research and reading.

You may be wondering, then, about the process that you should follow in writing an essay. Well, once you have you title, you should begin some fairly wide reading and research to get a good overview of the topic in hand. Then you can come up with your core arguments for your paper, and aim to use each of these as the basis of a paragraph, before working out a rough idea of the points you want to make under each sub-topic. This is where you can do some more specific reading, whether from custom essays or academic books and journals, to achieve the depth of information that you require in addition to the breadth. Primary and secondary sources are both essential to back up the points that you are making.

Once you know the main points you want to make, write your introduction and use it as a simplified plan to keep you on track. Keep referring back to the question and your introduction so that you don't stray off-topic, and remember to try and link back to the title at the end of every paragraph - this way you are sure that you are always answering the question. Once you have finished writing your essay, make some time to have a proper proofread and, if you can, ask someone else to check it for mistakes - as they will spot things you don't.

Use our custom essay service today for the help you need to get those top grades.