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For most students their dissertation is the most important piece of work they will undertake during their time at college. For many - especially those in their freshman year - the idea of writing such a big piece of work is at first daunting. However,writing a dissertation can be easily done as long as you remember a few important things.

Firstly you must be clear about what issue you want to write about and why you think it is worthy of investigation. From there on you can plan out researching your chosen subject. At this stage in planning you should think about what problems your topic of choice might throw at you. For example is the topic too big to cover within your paper's word limit? Can you gain access to information and data required for you to write your piece? And any other problems you can think of.

The second biggest issue to think about when writing a paper is feasibility: are your aims for your paper realistic? You have to consider things like time; how long will it take you to research your chosen topic and how long will it take you to write up your work? How current is the topic you are writing about? If it is new and fresh, this might help you in researching and developing your thoughts on the issue. However, what's new today, may not be, when you are finishing or publishing your work.

Another thing it is important for students to do is consult with their tutor. By talking to your tutors and keeping them informed of what you're doing they will help you keep sight of your aims and can warn you early on when your straying off the right path.

In writing up a dissertation or any major paper there are a number of things you got to keep in mind.

You should always write your work as a logical narrative. To score good marks the work has to read progressively.

All research conducted and sources used must be relevant to the subject you're writing about and the research methods used should be justified (Why use a qualitative method and not a quantitative one? Or vice versa etc. etc.)

You should also acknowledge any weaknesses and flaws there may be within your paper. All arguments or theses have their flaws and weaknesses. It will help you if you acknowledge some of the problems within your own work.

It may be very worthwhile getting someone else to proofread your work making sure that your use of grammar and punctuation is correct, as is the syntax of your writing. Good use of language is always important, especially for college and other academic work, and can greatly help a student towards scoring the top marks and best grades.

And finally presentation of one's dissertation is important. You should try and leave time before handing your work in to make sure it includes a contents page, index, list of references and a bibliography.

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