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Exploratory Essays

While ordinarily essays are set for a student to display what they have already of a subject,exploratory essays are an extension of the learning process. As the name would suggest, exploratory essays are an exploration of the subject or topic on which they are based, meaning an author will begin their work not quite knowing where their writing may end up. While they can be very academically and intellectually engaging, they can at the same time be rather difficult to write as an author is guided, not by an idea or belief they already have on a topic or subject, but by the information they uncover when doing their research.

When writing an exploratory paper you can, if you so wish, set a path for your essay to follow and look at questions and issues that will guide your writing along that desired path. Yet it is worth keeping in mind the fact that such work does not have to reach a particular conclusion. You may through the progress of your research begin looking at the importance of one thing and end up focusing on something quite different.

Firstly when writing exploratory assignments, an author should begin by selecting a topic which are interested in and in their introduction state why they believe the topic they have picked is worthy of investigation. If you are writing such an essay it is really important to pick an issue that will keep your interest throughout.

When you have selected the subject you wish to write about you may commence your research and your writing. In exploratory assignments, you are not being asked to argue for or against anything, you are merely to investigate and give an overall view of that subject. To do this an author as they learn more and more about a subject will ask more questions and set about finding and answer to their own questions. In finding those answers the writer should research as they would for any other work. For example, if you were writing a paper to explore the difference in numbers of people killed in traffic accidents in each of the 50 states they should research and use data about the road death rate in each of the states and from there question why, if they are, different. If the rate is different due to different speed limits in different states, that would lead the writer on to questioning why speed limits vary between the states.

You don't have to worry a great deal about your work coming to a neat conclusion when writing essays of an exploratory nature. An author may simply conclude at a certain point taking a look at how their research led them to that point and the opinion that they have formed on the subject they were investigating.

As with all essays, before your work is handed in it is always worthwhile taking enough time to proofread your work, making sure that your use of grammar, punctuation and syntax are correct.

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