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Health essays

If you are writing health essays that are responding to set questions you must first breakdown each question making sure you understand what it is asking. You can do this easily enough by highlighting any key words such as 'explain'. Once you understand exactly what each question is asking and what way you want to answer it you can begin to create a basic structure that your essay should follow.

In the introductions to your health paper you should, as a guideline, set out what ideas you want to explore and the objective you want your essay to achieve. You should, every so often when writing your essay, refer back to your introduction to make sure that you are keeping inline with the guide that you in your intro have set.

The structure of your essay is really important if you want to score top marks. A good essay will through the points it raises and through its structure make a clear and coherent argument.

When you have put together a basic structure for your health assignment, you may begin researching the points and ideas that you want to discuss. All top quality college level essays on health subjects and papers will draw on information published in peer-reviewed journals. Learning how to research using journals will both help you write essays that are able to score the top marks and help you display to the marking tutor your understanding of the subject and ability as a research academic.

While you can use the research and ideas of others as part of your paper you should not base your ideas or the focus of your paper on them. They should only be used to support the points you are trying to make. Furthermore while you may use journals as your premier source of information and data you should take information from a wide range of sources and authors evaluating each author's ideas and views. Furthermore all information you use to support the claims you are trying to make in your essays about health should be clearly referenced. You can ask your tutor for advice on what referencing system to use for different types of essays. It really is important that a student avoids all risks of plagiarizing another author's work. Being found guilty of plagiarism can have very, very serious consequences for any student!

It is always helpful if you make time to write two or possibly three drafts of your health essays, allowing you to make sure you have addressed all the issues raised by the original question and that you have included all the issues you want to discuss in a clear and coherent manner.

When you have completed your final draft, before handing it in, you should leave some time for proofreading your work for spelling mistakes,making sure the grammar, punctuation and syntax are correct and that you have kept to the formatting structure set by the marking tutors. This is important if your essay is to achieve the best possible marks.

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