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Law essays

For writing good law essays you should consider a few very simple points.

To write a good essay answer to a question of law, you must first identify what is being asked. The best way to do this is to breakdown the question identifying its key parts. This will allow you to form a rough idea of how to structure your law assignment and what information you may need to provide.

You must research the topic you are writing about or the question you are hoping to answer. Any law essays or papers of any kind, will only be good if it is well planned out and researched. When you know what way you want to approach a particular issue or question you must plan out what you want to include in your answer and in what order. When you have written a basic frame for your essay on law, you can begin to research each point that you wish to make and collect references to support your ideas.

A good introduction will greatly help you make sure that you keep what you're writing relevant. You should clearly set out for the reader what points you shall be discussing. It is also very helpful to keep referring back to your introduction when writing your essay to make sure that you are in the process of your work covering all of the points you have raised in the intro.

The greatest aid to writing any law paper is using precedent and previous cases. The importance of precedent in the legal and judicial system means previous major cases and court rulings on an issue cannot be ignored when writing an essay, paper or thesis on that issue. Inclusion and discussion of precedents will help a student display an understanding of the topic and will contribute towards an essay getting better marks.

When analysing a case or court ruling you should try and use the tests used by a court presiding over a previous similar case and analyze whether or not the details of the case being examined fit the criteria used by said previous courts to make their judgment.

Use of different sources is also very important when writing good quality law essays and you must always make sure that all sources used are properly referenced (you really don't want to risk plagiarizing someone else's work, as plagiarism can have very serious consequences for any student that is found guilty of it). It's always best to check with your tutor for advice on which referencing method to use before starting to write your legal paper.

In your paper you should, along with examining the rulings of different courts and previous cases, especially when addressing a topic of legal dispute or debate, discuss some of the different views on the topic that have been offered on the subject by a range of legal authors and academics and acknowledge the credits and flaws of their argument.

Finally, do remember to proofread your law assignments for spelling, grammar and punctuation before handing it in as such simple mistakes may cost you when your work is being marked.

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