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Medicine Essays

So you're now at college, and you're faced with writing your first medicine essay. This can be a daunting task, because you will be very familiar with mathematical and scientific work from your school days, alongside essay writing on a number of different topics. However, this could well be your first exposure to medicine essays, but don't be alarmed.

You should go about writing essays about medicine just as you would any other: take some time to read through the question (or choose one, if that's what is required of you) and then do some reading and research around the subject. During your reading, you will find that you have all sorts of ideas jumping into your head, so ensure that you write all of these down before you forget them. Then you can select the strongest and most interesting arguments and use each one as the basis of a paragraph in your medicine paper.

Once you have your central arguments planned, you can do some more in-depth reading into these areas. Do not be afraid to look at some medicine essays online: an essay specifically on one of your sub-topics will examine the subject in question at much greater length and help you to achieve both breadth and depth of information in your essay. As long as you don't simply steal someone else's words or ideas, you have nothing to worry about.

Do ensure that you include enough statistics in your paper to support your argument, but, on the other hand, avoid using statistics that are irrelevant just for the sake of it. When writing any essay, if you are about to include a quotation or a statistic, first ask yourself if it really adds anything to the piece. If it doesn't, leave it out! You should also not be afraid of including statistics that may initially appear to undermine your argument, or pointing out gaps in research findings; it is no use pretending that they are not there as the marker is sure to notice, and your medicine paper will be much stronger if you can include, but discredit or argue against, conflicting research that you have come across.

Finally, remember the importance of examining any ethical issues that arise during your research for your medicine essay. Ethics must always be considered in any discussion of medicine, but unfortunately, students often forget this vital aspect of their paper because they get too caught up in all of the facts, statistics and opinions relating to the problem in question.If you are writing a paper about a medical issue facing humanity, be it local, national or global, you will no doubt be proposing a number of different solutions to the problem in question. Alongside evaluating the effectiveness, economics and viability of different methods, ensure that you discuss the ethical issues that each solution could propose. Some may involve more issues than others, and you may not reach the best conclusion at the end of your essay if you have not taken this into consideration.

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