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Technology Essays

To write good technology essays you should always follow a simple process.

While essays about technology can be issued in many different fields of study, good essays will all have at their core a broadly similar structure.

Any technology essays that are supposed to answer a set question should first of all be well planned out. If you are writing an essay that is answering a question you have set, or on a topic of your choosing, make sure you set a question or pick a subject that you can write substantially about and will remain interested in throughout writing.

Any author must understand the question they are going to answer, if they are to write a good quality paper. They must breakdown the question that has been asked and identify its most important components. Once this has been done and you understand what the question is really asking you can begin to organize your answer. You should at this point list the ideas you believe to be most important to your answer. You can now begin your research.

All good college papers and essays follow a basic writing system and are based upon thorough research conducted by the author. The author should for each point set out clearly and assertively their idea and then provide evidence from the research they have done to support that idea.

Your introduction will set the tone and the order that your essay on technology topics is to follow. To show that you have an understanding of the subject you should draw on a wide variety of sources and information to help you formulate and/or refine your ideas. Using industry and peer-reviewed journals and magazines will help you display to the marking tutor that you have the ability to think and work to a high standard independently. This is why course assignments such as essays are set. Furthermore, to display independent thinking you must only use the work of others to support your own ideas. You cannot base your paper on work or research done by another person. Any information - like quotes or statistics - must be clearly referenced. Students should always be careful to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism can have very serious consequences!

Any good technology paper, or good essay in any other subject, must make a clear and coherent argument. They must cover a series of relevant points in a logical order.

When you have covered and reasoned all the topics you wish to discuss in the main body of your technology essay, you should bring them all together concisely in your conclusion. It is important that you don't bring up any new issues or points in your conclusion or leave open 'loose ends' to your argument.

And finally make sure you leave time to (or better yet get someone else to) proofread your technology assignment, making sure there are no mistakes in your spelling, grammar and punctuation, your use of syntax is correct and that the points you make are set out in a logical order. All these things are very important to tutors marking papers and mistakes may cost you marks.

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