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One common question asked by college students is whether they should include their own personality in their essays. This can be a difficult issue, because different tutors will tell you different things. However, it is generally advisable to avoid writing in the first person and using 'I'. Try and examine a source with a certain level of detachment (for one, it will appear that your view is less biased) and you will probably achieve a better level of analytical thinking. Anyway, we know that what you are saying is your interpretation of something, because it has been written by you. Telling us that you think something is not only a waste of words, but it also suggests a lack of confidence in what you are saying. Present it as a fact, using plenty of supporting evidence, or if there are a number of different explanations for something, then weight up the value each one and try to reach a reasonable conclusion about which seems the most likely.

You will find your own unique voice when writing an essay, so one thing that is very important if you decide to use a writing service is to use the material to enhance your own ideas and help lead you towards new areas of research. Your tutor will become used to your writing voice, and will be able to tell if you hand in an essay not written by you, while if you copy and paste a paragraph written by a custom essay service into your assignment then it will be immediately obvious because it will feel like it is a different person speaking to them.

If you want to include the words or argument of someone else, whether from a writing service or a book, journal or website, it is of vital importance that you properly reference it. This way, you are acknowledging that another person has done that work rather than claiming it as your own. However, while findings and theories of others can be very useful in writing college papers, you should establish your own argument and then use other sources to back your argument up. Alternatively, you can find a conflicting argument and demonstrate why you think that it is incorrect. If you fall into the trap of basing your core arguments around things that other people have said, you won't get any marks for originality. Be brave, and take a risk now and again. Remember that you can argue pretty much anything in a paper as long as you have sufficient evidence to back it up.

Finally, keep referring back to the title throughout to make sure that you remain firmly on track. It doesn't matter how well-written an essay is if it doesn't answer the question! Write a short but punchy introduction outlining the points that you will make in your essay, and make each of these points the basis of a paragraph. Then ensure that at the end of every paragraph you link back to the question, and you should be on for a good grade!

If you are lacking ideas either with or without title, opting for an online service for essay writing makes a great kickstart.